Facebook Ads for health businesses

Ads for health & wellness businesses on Facebook are extremely powerful for generating new clients. All you need is an offer and we’ll do the rest!

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Affordable to Start

You can spend as little as $60 and get a very clear idea into whether something is working or not working.

100% Done For You

Now you can advertise your health business, whether local or national, to your ideal customer without wasting time.

ROI Tracking

Know exactly what the return is on every dollar you spend. You just can’t get this accurate with traditional marketing.

What's Included?

We do all the Facebook Ads work for you. This service is for all types of Facebook Ad campaigns — lead campaigns, traffic campaigns, brand awareness, etc.

Up to 5 Campaigns

We can set them up from scratch or optimize existing ad campaigns, whatever you need.

Ad Design

We can create ads from photos/images/videos you have or from scratch with stock photos.

Conversion Tracking

We’ll install the Facebook Pixel on your website to track every movement in the campaign.

Case Study #1

This partner was looking to run a continuous ad that would essentially function as an open job listing.

A new hire was extremely valuable to the client and they were more than happy to see 21 leads within the first few weeks at $25.67 per lead. The ad continues to run to this day and still generates new potential hires.

Case Study #2

This client was looking to generate leads for a site where customers can sell electronics for cash.

We used highly specific targeting that was able to generate 1256 quotes requested on his site in a very short amount of time at $1.78 per lead!

Case Study #3

This campaign was for a partner looking to pull people into her sales funnel with 3 separate free offers that ran sequentially.

Despite a tracking error on our partner’s end for the 2nd promotion (explaining the lack of opt-ins for 2 ad sets), the campaign was still a massive success with 154 measured opt-ins at $7.07 per opt-in.

Websites FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

There are zero setup fee and zero hidden fees. What you’re quoted is what you pay each month, nothing more.

You must have a Facebook business account.

We can work with whatever budget you have, though we usually urge for a minimum ad spend of $200/month ($5/day).

There are zero long term contracts. We hate long terms contracts, and we work month-to- month with all of our clients. You can cancel anytime.

If clients wish, they may see and approve all text ads or images ads before going live. We typically will have creative license to create the ads, ad copy and image ads.

These ads will of course be in line with the client’s goals and business. This will only be if the client requests this, otherwise it would slow down the process greatly.

Of course! The Facebook pixel will be generated and embedded on your website.

And yes, all optimization is included in the service each month.

All campaigns are built inside of Facebook, where all campaigns can be viewed and approved before being pushed live.

We are flexible. This should be a monthly service, because the ads require iterative testing and optimization to perform better.

However, if you just want to run a campaign for 1 month – of course we will help you get a quick boost!

You can expect to see traffic and “results” within the first 30 days. The “results” (leads, calls, sales or whatever the goal) will only improve over time. It’s very common to turn on a campaign and see leads come in the same day!

What to expect:

  • We can optimize existing campaigns.
  • Detailed briefing outlining specific goals.
  • Full geo and demographic targeting and setup.
  • Comprehensive monthly ads report.
  • Ad creation using stock images (or your company images) and copywriting.
  • Usually 7-10 Business Days for complete setup
  • For 1 Facebook Ads Account/1 Business URL

What we need from you:

  • You must have a Business Manager Account with Facebook before this can be purchased
  • Facebook Page Admin Access
  • Facebook Ad Admin Account Access
  • The daily ad budget will be paid by client
  • A credit card that is attached to the Business Manager Account
  • Please note: Unless all the above needs are provided in a timely manner, no refund will be issued.

We Support Businesses That Help People.

We know the value that healing businesses give to the world because we’ve been consulting with alternative healers for over 10 years.

Our mission is to provide website services that make you stand out in the health & wellness industry, saving you time and money.


CREA is a pleasure to work with. Alex is extremely knowledgeable about website design, as well as the most effective forms of digital marketing. They have been an exceptional asset.

Merry Gray

Channel Islands Design


The team at CREA were super easy to work with. I had a concept in mind and they helped me actualize it in a way that was thoughtful and painless. I'm really happy with the results.


Danger Bird Records


CREA has been awesome to work with. We struggled to find a good digital marketing agency but I think the search is finally over.

Alejandro Alarcón Fierro


Alejandro Alarcon Fierro
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