Reviews & Reputation Management

Automate your online reputation. Our system alerts your customers to write a review. Positive reviews are shared as much as possible and negative reviews are dealt with privately.

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How it works


Sign up and install our custom widget (we can help) in strategic places on the web.

We suggest: your thank you page, your email footer, or even send it to your entire email list.


Customers rate you on a 1-5 star scale. Less than 4 stars takes the reviewer to a private survey, preventing negative public reviews!

4 or 5-star ratings go straight to website of your choice!


Your review scores go up on the sites that matter most, leading to conversions, rankings, and trust!

You can also embed the reviews on your website.


More Customer Reviews

Automate asking for customer reviews via your website and email. Your customers rate your business and their reviews are sent to the directories you care the most about.

Choose where you're reviewed

Specify multiple sites for your customers to review your business on. Our platform gives you access to over 50 review sites including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and many others.

Prevent Negative Reviews

Our system let’s you pre-qualify your reviews and send customers to a private form. This gives you the opportunity to see where it all went wrong and improve the situation.

Reputation Monitoring

Our Reputation Monitoring gives you a clear picture of where your at and how your reputation is improving over time!

  • Overall Rating
  • Ratings Distribution
  • Review Volume
  • Individual Review Details

Auto-Post Your Positive Reviews to Social Media

Keep your social media feed full of positivity by automatically posting your positive reviews to your social media accounts.

Words from our partners


The team at CREA were super easy to work with. I had a concept in mind and they helped me actualize it in a way that was thoughtful and painless. I'm really happy with the results.


Danger Bird Records


I trust CREA Studio with all of my website and digital marketing needs. They've helped us so much over they years, I'm not sure where we'd be without them!

Kasia from Art of Living Studio

Kasia Fraser
Art of Living Studio


Alex and the team are knowledgeable about so many aspects of digital marketing, it's hard not to feel very comfortable with the whole process.

Alejandro Alarcon Fierro

Alejandro Alarcón
Reina Roja & Empire Caribe

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Reviews & Reputation Management​

Automate asking your customers for reviews and increase your online reputation completely on autopilot!


14 Day Money-Back Guarantee



Our system automates the sharing of positive reviews and privately surveys upset reviewers.
You will get more positive reviews.
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